Lola Vuitton Group is a conglomerate committed to excellence and responsibility across our diverse portfolio of brands. From Liwak Jeans and Label Desi to Yathavidhi and Indian Vadhu, each brand under Lola Vuitton adheres to the highest standards of sustainability, ethical sourcing, and product excellence. Our priorities span a comprehensive spectrum, focusing on a Sustainable Agenda, enriching Product Experience, fostering Supply Chain Innovation, and ensuring Socially Responsible Sourcing.

We place paramount importance on our relationship with Customers, ensuring their satisfaction through quality products and meaningful experiences. Our dedicated team of Employees drives our success, and we prioritize their well-being, growth, and development.

Efficient Use of Resources is at the core of our operations, enhancing Value Creation for Shareholders and contributing to Community Welfare. Environmental consciousness guides our every move, shaping our commitment to a greener future.

Internally, we uphold rigorous Internal Controls and Adequacy measures, ensuring the highest standards of governance. Our commitment to sustainably delivering Quality Products is unwavering.

Our founders

Shri Vasisth Verma

Managing Director

He is with the company since the inception. A Post graduate, he holds a Master’s Degree in International Marketing. He has a rich and varied experience of more than 7 years in Fashion Retail sector. Prior to starting this venture Shri Verma participated in his family business of Gold trading, where he was responsible for Corporate business. During his tenure, He experienced and strongly believed, Lux living is the key to longevity of any business.

Lola Vuitton is the result of his vision, where he amalgamates premium and luxury brands under one roof for the convenience of the consumers. Under his leadership, the company plans to expand its wings into multiple verticals of fashion industry.

Ms. Jyoti Verma


She has an experience of about Nine years and has contributed immensely to the areas of fashion and retail industry (Offline and online). Her association with Fashion Industry starts from early days of education where as a teenager she started designing her own wardrobe, subsequently after completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Fashion Designing, she started her own line of label.

In the last seven years she has been mentoring Young Professional to participate in her dream of taking fashion labels to next level. Ms. Verma heads the design team of the entire project giving direction to the heads of all verticals.