Lola Vuitton Group is a conglomerate committed to excellence and responsibility across our diverse portfolio of brands.

Our Brands

  • Indian Vadhu

    Embrace the grace of Indian traditions with Indian Vadhu, your go-to for ethnic bridal couture.

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  • Label Desi

    High-end multi-brand clothing stores offer a curated selection of fashion from various luxury labels under one roof.

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  • Lady Louise

    Experience sophistication and femininity redefined at Lady Louise, where style meets grace.

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  • Bora Lucia

    Illuminate your wardrobe with Bora Lucia, a fusion of vibrant aesthetics and modern allure.

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  • Liwak Jeans

    Elevate your style with Liwak Jeans, where fashion meets comfort in every stitch.

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  • Prince Phillipe

    Unleash your regal charm with Prince Phillipe, epitomizing elegance in every detail.

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  • Liwak Jeans Coffee

    Sip, savour, and style at Liwak Jeans Cafe – where coffee culture intertwines with fashion-forward vibes.

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  • Lola Beauty Cosmetics

    Lola Beauty Cosmetics is a premium brand that unfolds the beauty narrative through skincare and makeup ranges.

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  • Yathavidhi

    Discover timeless elegance and cultural resonance with Yathavidhi's curated collection of ethnic wear.

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"Handmade textiles are the greatest form of luxury"

Weaving has been a part of the Indian culture for thousands of years.